Whether you were active prior to pregnancy or you're completely new to exercise, it can play an important role in ensuring you have a healthy body during those key 9 months. Being active in pregnancy can help you to:


Maintain a healthy pregnancy weight

Improve circulation

Reduce swelling

Improve posture and balance

Reduce back pain

Improve pelvic floor function

Improve abdominal strength and recovery after pregnancy

Improve stamina during labour and childbirth

Have a more active labour and birthing position

Feel more positive and confident about your changing body

Improve relaxation and reduce anxiety

Meet other mummies-to-be!


The introductory class is Pilates based, taking the most effective exercises from the Pilates repertoire and modifying them to ensure they are safe and beneficial during all stages of pregnancy. All equipment is provided, however, I do recommend that you bring along a small cushion to place underneath your bump for comfort during side lying positions. You don't need any experience in Pilates in order to attend.


Although the session is designed from 12 weeks of pregnancy, there is no reason why, particularly if you have been active prior to pregnancy, you shouldn't join the class. It is always recommended though that you speak with your healthcare professional prior to commencing any new form of activity.


The following contraindications also apply at any stage of pregnancy:


  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • Pre-term rupture of membranes

  • Premature labour during previous and/or current pregnancy

  • An incompetent cervix

  • Persistent second or third-trimester bleeding

  • Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)


Other medical conditions unrelated to pregnancy including cardiac or pulmonary complications and thyroid related conditions should be reviewed and discussed with a healthcare professional prior to commencing exercise during pregnancy


Classes are charged at £6 per session or 6 sessions for £30

You will need clearance from your GP or midwife to attend

Please bring a drink with you as it is important that you stay hydrated during pregnancy



Monday 6-7pm

Clayworth Memorial Hall


Additional classes will depend on level of interest, please enquire if you require an alternative day, time or venue.