An Innovative Approach to Occupational Health



Occupational ill health has a significant impact on the individual and their employer; the HSE estimate that 1.2 million people suffered with work-related ill health in 2013/14 and of these, 535,000 were new cases. Of the newly reported cases, 80% were as a result of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), depression, stress or anxiety. Further statistics reported by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) in 2011/12 suggests that each person reporting an MSD took on average, 17 days sickness absence as a result. This equates to between £50-£120 in costs per employee per day.


Research carried out by Fit for Work Europe suggests that of those reporting MSDs, 40% felt it had an impact on their earnings, almost 55% with severe MSDs explained they were unable to work or to access education and more than 65% claimed the MSD had an impact on their decision to retire early.  


Ensuring your staff remain healthy and injury free whilst at work may seem like an impossible task at times but there are several things that you as an organisation can do to begin to tackle this issue.


Providing a safe working environment is only part of this process; it is becoming increasingly more commonplace for employers to consider a more holistic approach to the health of their staff.


We can work with you to provide a bespoke corporate package tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs and budget and to take account of the individual needs of your staff. This may include but is not limited to:


  • On-site massage to assist in reducing muscular tension and repetitive strain injuries

  • Reflexology to assist with general wellbeing - this can be particularly benefical for those suffering with stress or anxiety

  • Work station Pilates and postural correction to reduce the incidence or isolated musculoskeletal injuries or chronic pain as a result of poor working postures

  • Clinical Pilates classes to be held at lunchtime or before/after work

  • Lifestyle assessments and advice to address physical, psychological and nutritional health including fitness and nutritional plans


Your corporate wellness package will work towards creating a happy and healthy workforce, improving the physical and pschological wellbeing of your staff, reducing sickness absence and improving productivity.


Please contact us to discuss ways we can achieve this.



Back pain accounted for 5 million lost working days in the UK in 2010/11. With 80% of us at  some stage in our life experiencing severe back pain, it is clear that this impacts on individuals and companies alike. Furthermore, over one third of all reported workplace accidents in 2010/11 were as a result of poor manual handling and could therefore have been preventable (HSE).


Whether your staff are required to conduct heavy manual tasks or whether they are predominantly office-based, they can be at risk of injury relating to poor working postures and biomechanically inefficient movement patterns.


As you will be aware, your organisation has a legal and moral obligation to provide your staff with adequate manual handling training and equipment where necessary, however, you cannot ensure that they take note of such advice; we are here to assist you with this. 

Why us?

We provide on-site Manual Handling training to groups of 10-20 staff at a time,

incorporating current HSE guidelines and offering lifting and handling solutions.


Our training sessions are dynamic and engaging and provide attendees with a more

modern and up-to-date version of a training programme which has historically been

somewhat monotonous. The training is enjoyable and interactive and has been very

well received across a variety of industries.



We attend your site prior to the training in order to gain a full understanding of the

roles of your workforce. We can then ensure that we tailor the training effectively.


Contact us today to discuss your training options.

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