“I had a full rupture of my right bicep playing rugby and was recommended to see Natalie after a number of Physiotherapists and Surgeons told me that it was near impossible to regain full strength in my arm without invasive surgery, which couldn't guarantee 100% recovery either.


After a consultation with Natalie, who was positive that with the right rehabilitation I would regain the strength in my arm, I decided this was the right decision for me. Working with Natalie undergoing manual treatment and following a rehabilitation exercise regime we slowly built the function and strength back in the arm.


I continue to recommend Natalie to colleagues and friends who have tried many other avenues without success. She is a consummate professional and doesn't waste any time in finding solutions to problems."

RF, Self Employed Tradesman/Rugby player

"I have been working with Natalie on various body issues for several years now. As an ex boxer I have suffered neck damage which has lead to arthritis. This needs constant management. A range of light and deep massage alongside remedial stretches and exercises helps to keep my tension headaches under control. Now as an ultra runner I need to look after my entire body to run tough miles each week and to race up to and over 100 miles at a time when I hit an event.


I love the way Natalie approaches things. She is flexible, dynamic and her strong background in Pilates underpins her therapeutic knowledge of the body. My posture is improving from the corrective exercises prescribed which is vital for me as an ultra runner. I feel so much better from my weekly session and highly recommend others seek a professional and reliable therapist like Natalie to work on their physical well-being."


DS, Ultra Runner

"I have tried several Pilates classes previously and as I have a back injury, I have found them too advanced for me and that they have in fact aggravated my back pain further. Natalie's classes are at a steady pace, they're gentle and she teaches you how to ensure you are moving correctly so as to strengthen your back and avoid further injury.


I can't recommend the classes highly enough."


Mrs A, Retired Nurse

"As an 'older' athlete, I find that I am now more prone to injury than I was in my 20s. A regular sports massage with Natalie has been an excellent way to keep my muscles supple and I have found, since beginning the sessions, my injury rate has reduced significantly. I plan to continue with the treatments for at least as long as I continue to compete...and possibly beyond too!"

LT, Masters Athlete

"I have had a niggling shoulder injury for as long as I can remember. Other therapists have treated it previously but unfortunately it keeps returning. Natalie has looked further into the actual cause of the problem and has begun to address my upper body posture alongside hands-on treatment. I have to say, so far it seems to be doing the trick! Thank you!"


HW, Accountant

"Having had two children in the space of three years, my back has suffered. Natalie has started treatment on working some tightness out of my back and correcting my posture! A* Service!!


CW, Working mum