In-person and online classes, live streams and On-Demand library 

Pilates is a gentle, controlled movement method which focuses on posture, core strength and mobility. It teaches movement patterns which minimise stress and tensions on the body, reducing your risk of associated injury. Pilates helps to build strong and efficient movement patterns which can be utilised in day to day, work and sporting activities to improve function and reduce the risk of injury and stress on the body. 

Minimising back pain during movement is one of the main goals of our classes. The body will not move effectively when it is experiencing pain and so all classes are designed to encourage pain free movement. Our Pilates approach is a modern twist on the original method, ensuring that the content is clinically sound but fun and accessible to all. 

We provide live streamed Zoom classes and an On-Demand library of prerecorded classes. Below is a timetable of live-streamed and in-person classes. 





Live streamed Pilates Stretch  via Zoom




Pilates @ Gringley



Pilates @ Sth Leverton 



Pilates @ Clayworth



Pilates @ Dunham on Trent

5:30pm @ Beckingham 


Pilates @ Misterton


9:30 am 

Streamed Pilates via Zoom


Pilates @ Gringley


Gentle movement @ Misterton

6:30pm & 7:30pm 

Pilates @ Headon 

Pilates On-Demand

We are proud to be able to bring you our new on-demand services.  These can be used instead of or in addition to our live streamed Zoom classes and can be accessed at a time to suit you. Content will be added to on a weekly basis incorporating stretching, conditioning, HiiT, sports performance enhancing, pre and postnatal classes and injury rehabilitation advice. 

At just £14.99, our on-demand packages are affordable with no tie ins. Subscription is paid on a monthly basis and you will have unlimited access to all video content. 

It is recommended that if you have not tried Pilates before or if it has been some time, you watch the videos below to remind you of the basic principles prior to commencing the classes. This is also a good recap for those who have been practising Pilates for some time.