'Change happens through movement & movement heals' Joseph Pilates

InBalance Pilates is a movement method which focuses on posture, core strength and mobility.


Movement patterns which minimise stresses and tensions on the body reduce your risk of injury, improve core strength and improve mobility and strength throughout the whole body.

We now offer a variety of online and streaming sessions.  We have flexible memberships with no commitment.  Enjoy a variety of Pilates and HiiT sessions form the convenience of your own home, streamed weekly sessions or at your own leisure with a bank of high quality saved videos.



Using a combination of soft tissue manual therapy techniques and gentle joint mobilisations, I can help you to increase joint range of motion,  reduce pain & soft tissue inflammation and support the process of regaining strength and function.  


Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Returning from injury can be a really frustrating process.


I aim to reduce recovery times, improve performance and give you back the confidence you need to keep performing the activities you love. Contact me for further information.