Stability Ball and Stretching Band

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An elasticated, hypoallergenic tape which is applied to the skin overlying painful joints, muscles and tendons. The aim of application is to reduce inflammation and associated pain, to provide support and improve proprioception and to encourage healing.

Benefits include:

1. Normalisation of muscular function

2. Increased vascular and lymphatic flow by elimination of tissue fluid or bleeding beneath the skin

3. Reduction of pain through neurological suppression

4. Correction of possible joint misalignment by relieving abnormal muscle tension and helping to influence the function of fascia and muscle. 

Kase et al. (1996,2003)



Dry Needling involves placing a very thin, single use, disposable, sterile, solid needle (not hollow) into a trigger point or the surrounding soft tissue, using a sterile technique. The number of needles used during any individual visit and the number of visits that are recommended depends on many factors that differ from patient to patient.

Trigger points are thought to be areas of highly sensitive muscle affected by inflammatory and pain producing chemicals causing local tightness of the muscle. The muscular tension is often accompanied by pain and dysfunction local to the trigger point with referral of pain to surrounding structures as a result of the irritation of local nerve endings. All of which can result in a decrease in normal movement and function of the surrounding joint(s).


Dry needling of trigger points has been shown to decrease the irritation and symptoms associated with an active trigger point. This release can immediately improve range of motion, decrease pain and improve function. Patients often feel a significant improvement in their symptoms either immediately or within days of the treatment.




Movement is the foundation of all treatment programmes with exercises and controlled movement regularly required in combination with any manual therapy techniques. There are some occasions where hands-on treatment provides minimal effect and in those situations, exercise will be the only recommendation. In either case, a structured but flexible exercise programme will be devised for you taking into account goals, lifestyle and circumstances using bodyweight, resistance bands and light weights.